Aptahem’s poster presented at the ISTH conference now available

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Aptahem participates in the conference International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) on 24-28 June where CSO Dr Luiza Jedlina has presented a poster.

The poster, entitled “The RNA aptamer, Apta-1 targeting evolutionarily conserved motif on thrombin cures endotoxemia and reduces thrombosis in animal models by inhibiting aggregation and secretion of platelets”, is now available on Aptahem’s website:


For further information:

Aptahem AB
Mikael Lindstam, CEO
Tel: +46 (0)766-33 36 99

About Aptahem

Aptahem AB (APTA) is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops RNA-based pharmaceuticals for the treatment of acute, life-threatening conditions in which a combination of coagulation, inflammation and tissue damage are involved. The company’s lead candidate, Apta-1, is currently in early clinical phase. Apta-1 has in preclinical studies, by its anti-thrombotic, immunomodulating and tissue repairing characteristics, shown very positive and promising results as treatment for sepsis and critical conditions associated with sepsis. For more information, please visit www.aptahem.com.



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