BioStock: Aptahem on the company's new research findings

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Aptahem has recently published an abstract containing data on its lead drug candidate Apta-1, which is being developed as an emergency treatment for sepsis. The abstract summarizes the current view of the effects of Apta-1 in vivo. The studies have identified Apta-1 as an anti-coagulant, an inhibitor of hyperinflammatory response and an inducer of tissue repair by significant increased levels of Pentraxin-3. BioStock contacted Aptahem CSO Luiza Jedlina and Anders Bylock, CMO and chairman of the company’s scientific advisory board, to find out more about the results. 

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BioStock: Aptahem on the company's new research findings
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It is a very exciting result for any drug candidate to trigger a protein like Pentraxin-3 with such a broad spectrum of effects
Luiza Jedlina, CSO Aptahem