Aqilion publishes the Annual Report for 2019

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Helsingborg, Sweden – May 15, 2020 – AQILION AB announces today that the Annual Report for 2019 is now available in Swedish on the Company’s website. The report summarizes the Company’s business operations, strategy and financial results.

The Annual Report for 2019 is available as a PDF version on the Company’s website, under Corporate, link 

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Aqilion is a Swedish life science company that identifies unique ideas that have the potential to become new medications and refines them into commercially interesting projects. Our projects are based on solid scientific grounds where we can clearly understand the underlying biology, clinical relevance and patient benefit. We focus on indications within inflammation at the interface of oncology and immunology, where we see a great future need, good potential for innovation and a clear interest in the market. Our customers represent the next step in the care chain: the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Aqilion has its headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. Please visit