Arcus ASA: Taking responsible steps during COVID-19 outbreak

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At the moment, our imports, production and logistics run close to normal.


Our top priority is to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, and to ensure adequate contingency plans for our business. Also, we follow the Nordic governments’ strict requirements to prevent virus spread. We follow the situation closely to act fast.


As an extraordinary initiative, Arcus currently produces disinfectant liquid for hospitals and other critical institutions and emergency services. This is a non-profit initiative. We expect to deliver 15-20.000 litres within a short period of time. 

Current operational status

  • Supply of wine and raw materials to Arcus is mostly according to plan, even from challenged countries like Italy and Spain.
  • Demand from the Nordic wine monopolies as well as Danish grocery stores have been somewhat higher than normal the last few days. These markets typically make up around 90% of Arcus’ sales. Sales to bars, restaurants and tax-free has fallen sharply.
  • Production capacity is slightly reduced due to normal absence, yet no absence due to the coronavirus. 
  • Logistics operations (Vectura) has had higher activity due to increased deliveries to Vinmonopolet.
  • Currency continues to be a challenge. During the last week the NOK has weakened to a historically low level, and we are working on pricing measures.
  • Temporary lay-offs are not planned at the moment. Short term we need a flexible work force to keep operations going.

Questions regarding this notice can be directed to Group Director Communications and IR, Per Bjørkum, telephone +47 922 55 777 or mail