Array and Imsys re-align management resources

Array and Imsys re-align management resources * Stefan Winström named President of Array * Paul Karlsson becomes President of Imsys ® Array AB has three business areas: printer technology (TonerJet , the core business), embedded processors (Imsys AB, 51.4% of the capital) and displays (Array Displays AB, 100%). As President and Executive Vice President, respectively, Paul Karlsson and Stefan Winström have served as the executive management of Array AB. Paul has divided his time between TonerJet and Imsys. Stefan has devoted himself to TonerJet and, among other things, has been chiefly responsible for establishing the licensing relationships that Array has entered into with several printer companies. Imsys AB is entering a business development and growth phase. The market introduction of Imsys' processor is posing new demands on Imsys' management. The Board of Directors of Imsys has therefore been searching for some time for a suitable candidate who will strengthen the management of the company. In order to establish clearer roles, the boards of Array and Imsys have decided to appoint new presidents. The Board of Directors of Array AB has named Stefan Winström as President as of December 1. Stefan was previously Executive Vice President of Array responsible for marketing and sales. Stefan will, for the time being, retain his responsibility for marketing and sales. Stefan has 10 years of experience in the printer industry and with TonerJet. "Stefan is a goal-oriented leader with extensive industry experience and great business skills," says Ove Larson, founder and Chairman of Array. "These are the qualities needed to make TonerJet a global technology." Furthermore, the Board of Directors of Imsys AB has decided to appoint Paul Karlsson as President as of December 1. Paul will succeed founder and head of development Stefan Blixt, who can now concentrate on his role as director of research and development. Paul most recently served as President of Array, where he has worked for nearly three years with both TonerJet and Imsys. "We have had the opportunity to work together with Paul for a long period of time and feel confident with his appointment," says Lars-Erik Nordell, Chairman of Imsys. For further information contact, Ove Larson, Stefan Winström, Paul Karlsson Array; phone +46-(0)31-695200, fax +46-(0)31-695210, or; Lars-Erik Nordell, Imsys; phone +46-(0)705-64 06 55 Se also - Pictures of Stefan Winström and Paul Karlsson for this release are available. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: