Interim report, January-September 2000

Interim report, January-September 2000 Array's sliding background electrode attracts new customers although more time is needed for development. Fuji-Xerox and Epson sign agreements to evaluate TonerJet . Matsushita selects the sliding background electrode but delays for three to six months a decision on productification. Array raises its ownership interest in Imsys to 51.4% of the share capital and 41.9% of the votes. Imsys introduces an improved version of its processor, which a leading mobile phone manufacturers is evaluating for future products. Array Displays signs a licensing agreement with a world-leading manufacturer of public information displays that results in a lump-sum compensation and future royalties. Operating expenses amounted to SEK 56.4 M (60.5). After revenue of SEK 8.3 M (22.4), the loss after financial items was SEK -55.5 M (-36.5), of which the share of the loss of the associated company Imsys amounted to SEK - 10.5 M (-0.8). ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: The full report The full report