Artificial Solutions Announces Partnership with Neudesic

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Artificial Solutions® (SSME: ASAI), a leading specialist in Conversational AI, today announced a new partnership agreement with U.S. business and technology consulting firm, Neudesic.

The partnership sees Neudesic add Artificial Solutions’ award-winning platform, Teneo, to its portfolio of solutions to help organizations maximize their investments in Conversational AI.  

Mykola Sochynskyi, Global Partner Manager for Artificial Solutions, said: “We’re very excited to be working with a business driven by a passion for technology, and with deep technical understanding and industry influence. This is the latest of our relationships within Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. Last year, Microsoft and Artificial Solutions entered a strategic partnership with the shared goal of helping clients build better, faster, scalable Conversational AI solutions for their digital contact centres.  

“Not only will this partnership enable Neudesic to do just that, but it will also enable Artificial Solutions to further expand the adoption of Conversational AI throughout the United States.”  

Neudesic leverages over 20 years of partnership with Microsoft to develop and deploy cloud-based IP and solutions that accelerate business value. From design and development to support and management, Neudesic offers decades of experience, proven frameworks, and a disciplined approach to quickly delivering reliable, quality solutions that help its clients get to market faster and get a leg up on their competition. Its work across different clients and industries has earned the company numerous national accolades and Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, including the 2022 Global Modernizing Apps Award and 2022 US Artificial Intelligence Award.  

Artificial Solutions joins a strong network of alliances with the world’s leading cloud and technology companies, including Microsoft, as Neudesic’s latest partner in delivering technology, strategies, and solutions that drive business growth. 

Mark Jones, Chief Marketing & Alliances Officer at Neudesic commented: “Our partnership with Artificial Solutions is the latest investment we’re making to help our clients improve and expand the end-to-end customer service they provide for their own clients across a wide array of industries.  In an increasingly digital world, always-on personalized interactions and differentiated client experiences create a massive impact in the marketplace”. 

Teneo is a SaaS platform that allows Conversational Design teams to create automated text or voice responses to support and communicate with users. With 86 languages and a diverse range of integrations that allows users of the platform to work with the likes of WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, and a variety of existing CAI platforms, Teneo is amongst the leading technologies in the sector. 

Sochynskyi continued: “We believe the Teneo platform represents an exciting new opportunity for Neudesic’s clients to explore the business advantages of Conversational AI, and we look forward to learning from Neudesic’s years of award-winning expertise in creating added value for our clients.” 

About Neudesic

Neudesic, an IBM company, is the trusted technology partner in business innovation, delivering impactful business results to clients through digital modernization and evolution. Our consultants bring business and technology expertise together, offering a wide range of cloud and data-driven solutions, including custom application development, data and artificial intelligence, and comprehensive managed services. Founded in 2002, Neudesic is headquartered in Irvine, California. To learn more, visit  

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Marie Angselius-Schönbeck, Chief Impact Officer

About Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) is the leading specialist in Conversational AI. We enable communication with applications, websites and devices in everyday, humanlike natural language via voice, text, touch or gesture input.

Artificial Solutions’ advanced conversational AI Teneo®, allows business users and developers to create sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across 86 languages and dialects, multiple platforms and channels in record time. The ability to analyse and make use of the enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering unprecedented levels of data insight that reveal what customers are truly thinking.Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI technology makes it easy to implement a wide range of natural language applications such as virtual assistants, conversational bots, speech-based conversational UIs for smart devices and more. It is already used daily by millions of people across hundreds of private and public sector deployments worldwide.

For more information, please visit 


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