Artificial Solutions implements Gavriella Schuster’s #BeCOME framework to expand work on inclusion and gender equality

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Gavriella Schuster – former Corporate VP of Microsoft in charge of its global portfolio of channel partners – also Chairman of Artificial Solutions’ Advisory Board.

Artificial Solutions® (SSME: ASAI) announces today a partnership with Gavriella Schuster to #BeCOME #ALLIES, to accelerate its work on inclusion and gender equality. Artificial Solutions is committed to diversity and equality and has managed to achieve a ratio of 38% women in senior positions. As we continue to grow as a business, we promise to continue to push for diversity at all levels, across departments and functions, by valuing equality, diversity, and integrity.

“I am very pleased to welcome Gavriella Schuster to our advisory board and I look forward to be able to leverage her expertise”, says Per Ottosson, Artificial Solutions' CEO. “Parallel to our new business and delivery models through cloud and SaaS and our aggressive market expansion, with the help of Gavriella we will work with partners and clients on a global scale to help make our industry more inclusive and gender neutral.”

Beyond her more than 25 years of driving exceptional growth and revenues as Microsoft’s CVP of Channel Business, invested in progressing gender equality across the international technology sector. She is co-founder of Women in Cloud and Women in Technology Network, and widely recognized as a champion of gender equality as well as gender equity.

She has also developed a striking and efficient framework for injecting movements of equity through the: #BeCOME campaign. Artificial Solutions will partner with Gavriella Schuster and apply the ALLIES framework throughout the company’s entire eco system. Artificial Solutions will work with the following processes:

  • Advocate and elevate
  • Listen to learn
  • Build confidence in others
  • Include others
  • Sponsor others

Watch Gavriella Schuster’s TED talk on how to break through the gender equity divide: and more information at

Visit our website to read more about our Diversity Manifesto

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