Artificial Solutions strengthens Management Team and Board of Directors

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Artificial Solutions® (SSME: ASAI), a leading specialist in Conversational AI, appoints Paloma Ramirez Diaz-Monis as Chief People Officer and member of the management team. Vesna Lindkvist, Chief Product Officer and Chief  Technical Officer at Kivra, has been elected to Artificial Solutions´ Board of Directors.

On July 6th, Paloma Ramirez Diaz-Monis will take on the role of Chief People Officer and leave her current role as Head of Human Resources and Organizations. Vesna Lindkvist was elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting on June 18th.

Vesna Lindkvist has close to 20 years of experience in the software industry and has been CTO/CPO for Kivra for the past three years. She was previously Consultant Manager at Valtech. Vesna holds a master's degree from KTH.

Åsa Hedin, Chairman of the Board of Artificial Solutions, commented on Vesna Lindkvist’s appointment: "Vesna has a long experience of software companies and software development that will contribute positively to our board work. I am very pleased to have the pleasure of welcoming Vesna and her contribution to the Board of Directors.

"Artificial Solutions has recently made a powerful repositioning to SaaS and has an impressive patent portfolio cited by Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nuance and IBM, among others. I look forward to contributing with my experience to Artificial Solutions' continued development and growth," says Vesna Lindkvist.

Artificial Solutions has made progress this year, increasing the number of women in managerial positions. Today, 45% of Artificial Solutions employees are female. Gender balance is a key component of Artificial Solutions’ approach to diversity and inclusion. This is an integral part of the company culture and its values.

Per Ottosson, Artificial Solutions CEO, said: “We believe that a more diverse workforce with more women at the top will reinforce our inclusive culture and make Artificial Solutions an even better company. We know that improving gender balance impacts bottom-line results, leading to better decisions, stronger innovation and higher employee satisfaction.”

Chris Tew has become a channel partner in Asia and has left the Management team, and so has Dave Parsin.

With the announced management changes, the group management team will as of July 2021 consist of Per Ottosson, Fredrik Blomberg, Fredrik Törgren, Daniel Eriksson, Andreas Wieweg, Marie Angselius-Schönbeck and Paloma Ramirez Diaz-Monis.

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Per Ottosson, CEO, Artificial Solutions

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