Artelon® nanofibers successfully used as coating on metal implants

Percutaneous implants, i.e. implants going through the skin, are widely used in applications like fracture fixation, anchorage of hearing aids and other prostheses. They offer great value to the patient but a common clinical problem is infections around the skin-penetrating part of the metal implant. Complications like these often require local or systemic treatment with antibiotics and may in more severe cases result in failure of the entire implant. As a first step to address this unmet clinical need, electrospun Artelon® nanofibers have successfully been used to coat metal implants. This is the first time Artelon® has been combined with metal implants. By using an Artelon® coat, the skin surrounding the metal implant will have the possibility to grow in to the Artelon® coating, and by that obtaining continuity between the metal implant and surrounding skin. In several studies, Artelon® has proven to function well as a scaffold for soft tissue ingrowth. Electrospun Artelon® is well suited as a matrix for soft tissue ingrowth and will open up new therapeutic application areas for Artelon®. By combining two materials with clinically proven biocompatibility the regulatory timeline is expected to be relatively short. CEO Tord Lendau said; “Artelon® is by itself suitable for several applications both in soft tissue and bone, but by combining it with other biomaterials, adding its specific features to the surface of for instance a metal implant, we can even further expand the applications. Companies with various percutaneous implants could benefit from coating with Artelon®” For additional information, please contact: Tord Lendau, CEO, phone +46 (0)31 746 56 00, +46 (0)708 369 403, Web site: About Artimplant Artimplant’s mission is to develop, produce and market implants based on the biomaterial Artelon® that meet the needs of patients, physicians and healthcare providers in orthopedics and other therapy areas. Artimplant’s vision is to become the partner of choice in biomaterials for hard and soft tissue repair in multiple therapy areas. Artimplant is a public company, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, O-list.

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Artimplant is a research- and development company, active within bio-materials.

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