Artimplant prolongs its funding agreement regarding costs for trials in USA, recovers previous costs for the trials and requests for arbitration

Artimplant and the two insurance companies involved and the insurance broker have prolonged the funding agreement entered into during the summer of 2012 which purpose is to fund Artimplant’s costs for the trails in USA until a final solution is reached to divide the liability amongst the parties.

Further, the parties have agreed that Artimplant’s costs for the trails incurred before the funding agreement was signed also shall be comprised by the funding agreement which means that Artimplant now will recover SEK 5 million in cash.

As previously has been announced Artimplant is of the opinion that Artimplant has an adequate protection for any costs incurred for the trails in USA although it is unclear to what extent the liability to cover the costs lies with which insurance company and/or the insurance broker. Artimplant’s opinion is further confirmed by the prolonged agreement where Artimplant recovers compensation for trial costs previously incurred.

The insurance companies and the insurance broker have in connection with prolonging the funding agreement taken the final position that they cannot reach a settlement in allocating the responsibility to cover Artimplant’s costs for the trials in USA. All parties have agreed that the outstanding dispute shall be determined in an efficient arbitration procedure. Therefore Artimplant has today requested for arbitration with The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Västra Frölunda, February 25, 2013

Kjell Thörnbring

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