Artipic 2.1 Release Announcement: The Future of Graphics Editing is here!

The Artipic Team is happy to announce the release of Artipic 2.1.

Artipic is a state-of-the-art image editing system providing a rich set of tools, filters and effects to quickly and easily edit, retouch and compose all kinds of pictures and distribute them wherever you like.

Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Do you take a lot of great photos when travelling? Do you want to edit them using professional tools and publish them online? Are you tired of paying a fortune for graphics packages where you never use 80% of the functionality? Then Artipic is the way to go!

“I am proud of our development team. This release is only the first step in our commitment to providing people with very best image editing capabilities. We have created a rich set of tools for painting and transformations, as well as smart filters to make your images unforgettable and a powerful batch processing module for working out a big number of images," said Daniel Werner, Director of Artipic."

Artipic comes with a set of features that represent the future of graphics editing, including:

  • Cutting-edge image processing technology. This means Artipic can operate with large files including RAW formats without conversion or tone loss
  • An impressive Batch Module. This empowers you to format large numbers of images by applying predefined action sets. Automatically adjust, transform, add watermarks / signs, apply policies and upload your images for further distribution (be it Instagram or an e-commerce CMS platform) with a single click
  • Reversible stylization means you can apply saved style presets and filters to an image with just one click
  • Advanced capabilities such as Layer Masks plus professional brushes including Blurring and Healing provide a set of tools widely used by professionals and sought after by amateur photographers

Using Artipic couldn’t be easier. Because it follows industry standards, anyone who has worked with other products will find Artipic familiar! But don’t just take our word for it – visit our website and test drive Artipic today.

About Artipic
Artipic is a Swedish software developer providing modern image editing products. We are a team of specialists committed to developing innovative graphics software and transforming the market.

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