Asarina Pharma R&D Day 2020 to go digital

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Asarina Pharma’s March 26 R&D day will now be streamed live via digital link due to Coronavirus restrictions. The event focuses on preparing for the upcoming study results in the company's leading indication PMDD, and will still include presentations from PMDD practitioners, patients and leading researchers. Asarina Pharma will also host a study results presentation on 4 May, more information on that will follow later.

The event is scheduled for 14.00-16.00 on March 26 at: 

Please register at: 

Asarina Pharma CEO Peter Nordkild: “Holding the event digitally honors our responsibility to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and our responsibility to keep sharing knowledge of PMDD, which remains such a devastating constitution. We warmly invite institutional investors, financial analysts and media.” 

The event focuses on the most meaningful clinical effects for a PMDD treatment, and how the company's upcoming Phase IIb data will be evaluated and presented.

The schedule will be approximately as follows:

14.00 – Introduction – Doctor Peter Nordkild: CEO Asarina Pharma.

14.10 – Patient perspective – Paula ‘Fenjima’ Manrique, PMDD patient and advocate, writer, speaker, regular guest as Gaming Expert on Swedish TV4:s Nyhetsmorgon.

14.20 – The PMDD study: 4 key metrics for results – Karin Ekberg, PhD: Chief Operating Officer, Asarina Pharma.

14.40 – The clinical need – Professor Torbjörn Bäckström: Founder and CSO Asarina Pharma, Professor Dept. Clinical Sciences, Obstetrics and Gynecology Umeå University.

14.55 – Experiences from the field – Doctor Paula Briggs: Lead study investigator, Liverpool Woman’s Hospital, consultant in sexual and reproductive health.
15.15 – Q&A

For further information, please contact:

Peter Nordkild, CEO, Asarina Pharma AB

Phone: +45 25 47 16 46



About Asarina Pharma

We are a Swedish biotech company developing Sepranolone, the world’s first dedicated treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and other menstrual-related conditions. Our product pipeline is built on over 40 years’ research into menstrual-related disorders like PMDD and menstrual migraine. With our new family of GAMSA compounds (GABAA Modulating Steroid Antagonists), we aim to deliver a new generation of efficacious and safe drugs for still widely untreated conditions, thereby becoming a leading Women’s Health company.




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