PMS & PMDD in spotlight at Gothenburg event for International Menstrual Hygiene Day

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(Stockholm May 23, 2019) Valuable knowledge about PMS & PMDD will be shared at the University of Gothenburg on May 28 at a public evening of talks, lectures and Q&A. Prof Torbjörn Bäckström, PMDD research pioneer and Asarina Pharma CSO, will speak about the science and treatment of PMDD.

The PMS & PMDD evening will take place at the University of Gothenburg, Sprängkullsgatan 19, 1700-1930. It has been organised by Isabel Lindström of the Gender Equality organisation Bättre än de flesta, together with the organisation Mensen. Over a hundred are expected to attend the event, which is being sponsored by Asarina Pharma.


Karin Ekberg, Asarina Pharma COO: “If you or someone you know in the Gothenburg area feels like you’re suffering way more than you should be around your period—you’re not alone. PMDD is a devastating hormonal condition, not a mental illness or something you can ‘snap out of’. Events like this offer new knowledge and new support—so it’s easier to take back control, dare to get a diagnosis and get better understanding from those around you.”

Peter Nordkild, Asarina Pharma CEO: “As developers of Sepranolone, the first ever dedicated therapy for PMDD, we’re delighted to be sponsors. Knowledge is power, and with a full program of speakers this event is a good opportunity to learn more about this terrible condition, what it is, what causes it and what treatment options are—and will be, available.”

For further information about the event please contact:

Isabel Lindström, Producer, Bättre än de flesta

Phone: 072-55 22 178


For further information about Asarina Pharma please contact:

Peter Nordkild, CEO, Asarina Pharma AB

Phone: +45 25 47 16 46


About Asarina Pharma

We are a Swedish biotech company developing Sepranolone, the world’s first dedicated treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and other menstrual-related conditions. Our product pipeline is built on over 40 years’ research into menstrual-related disorders like PMDD and menstrual migraine. With our new family of GAMSA compounds (GABAAModulating Steroid Antagonists), we aim to deliver a new generation of efficacious and safe drugs for still widely untreated conditions, thereby becoming a leading Women’s Health company.



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