Aspiro’s mobile "BigBrother"-game in Great Britain

During the summer Aspiro has in partnership with O2 developed and launched a role-based mobile game as a complement to the TV Series Big Brother on Channel 4. The game was played by more than 20 000 unique users in the UK and the partnership with O2 around this application is expected to continue during the autumn.

Aspiro offers mobile role-based games where participants chose a personality or lifestyle which has to interact and compete in the game with players from all over the world. The orginal brand of the game is “ Lifestylers” but is has on a number of occasions been selcted to complement brands or media events. For the Big Brother TV series on Channel 4 the game was adapted to match the names and personalities of the participants in the house and it was renamed to “Virtual Housemate”. During the 10 weeks of the show the game attracted more the 20 000 mobile subscribers and it generated more than a 1 Million minutes of airtime for O2 and other UK operators. Following this success O2 and Aspiro are now planning other similar projects for the autumn. ”The excellent outcome of this project has lead to further involvement of Aspiro with a number of activities within O2. Aspiro's ability to supply O2's Revolution with rich content applications is a key component of the successful relationship the two companies are enjoying”, says Xavier Ponce, Commercial Manager at O2. The original Lifestylers game is today live on 14 networks in Europe och North America and the game is host to 120 000 regular users who on average generate some 3,5 Million minutes of airtime a month for operators worldwide.

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