Extra general meeting of stockholders of Aspiro AB (publ)

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Extra general meeting of stockholders of Aspiro AB (publ) The Board of Aspiro AB (publ), 556519-9998, hereby convenes an extra general meeting of stockholders on Date: December 20, 2002 Time: 11.00 a.m. local time Venue: Aspiro's head office, Gråbrödersgatan 2, Malmö A RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXTRA GENERAL MEETING All stockholders wishing to participate in the extra general meeting must be listed as stockholders in the VPC AB ("VPC") kept share register on December 10, 2002. Stockholders must also give notice of their intention to attend by informing the company in writing at: Aspiro AB, "Bolagsstämma", Gråbrödersgatan 2, 201 21 Malmö, Sweden, or via telefax: +46 (0)40 57 97 71, or e-mail: shareholdersmeeting@aspiro.com, no later than 16.00, December 13, 2002. When registering, stockholders should state their name, personal- or organization identity number , current address and telephone number. Proxies and representatives for legal persons shall submit their documents of authority before the meeting. Stockholders whose shares are registered with a trustee must arrange through the trustee for any such shares to be registered temporarily in their own name prior to December 10, 2002 in order to be able to participate in the meeting. Such stockholders should advise their trustee of this in good time before the meeting. B AGENDA OF THE EXTRA GENERAL MEETING Proposed Agenda 1. Opening of the extra general meeting. 2. Election of Chairman of the meeting. 3. Preparation and approval of voting list. 4. Approval of the agenda. 5. Election of persons to approve the minutes. 6. Examination of whether the meeting has been properly convened. 7. Submission by the Board of copies of the most recent annual report and auditor's report and the Board of Directors' statements in accordance with the Companies Act, section 4, and the auditor's report. 8. Approval of the change in the Articles of Association (raise of share capital) 9. Resolution regarding new share issue(s) and/or authorization for. 10. Closing of the extra general meeting. The notice for an extra general meeting for a possible resolution regarding new share issues and a change of the Articles of Association connected therewith, is made with the intention to create flexibility for future actions within the frame of the company's reconstruction process. The Board has not, at this date, submitted a proposal for a new share issue and a change of Articles of Association. When such proposal is submitted, it will immediately be duly published to the market and will also be available at the company's website, www.aspiro.com. The proposal will be sent to shareholders upon request. The Board's final proposal for a resolution and documents in accordance with the Companies Act, section 4, will be available at the company at least two weeks before the extra general meeting of shareholders, and will be sent to shareholders upon request and to all shareholders who has registered for the extra general meeting. Certain decisions, including a possible change of Articles of Association, shall be approved by a two thirds majority. Malmö November 2002 The Board of Directors ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/21/20021121BIT00180/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/21/20021121BIT00180/wkr0002.pdf