Increased usage of Aspiro-services

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The usage of Aspiro's mobile Internet services has increased during the past half year by an average of 20% per month. The largest increases have occurred in the French, American and German markets.

The market for mobile services is steadily expanding, albeit from low levels, and there are several factors creating this positive market trend. The operators have intensified their marketing aimed at the end users; the improved access to phones with colour screens and the introduction of GPRS have improved the end user experience of mobile services and finally, the infrastructure has generally improved. Most popular Aspiro services during the second half of 2002 have been: - Lifestylers – an interactive role game with various competitive operations. Among others, the French operator Orange has successfully launched this service and also co-branded it with the French version of the reality show, Big Brother, called Loft Story. - Chat – a service where users chat with each other, either via the mobile phone or the Internet. The service is very popular in the German market, launched by Vodafone D2. - Dating / Love Game - an interactive matchmaking service. This service has had the largest PI* on the American market through operators AT&T and T-Mobile. These so called ”community services” are built around interactivity and communication between several users. The greater the usage of the service, the more attractive it becomes. Aspiro now considers these services to have reached critical mass, which implies good possibilities of an accelerated usage among the 200 million subscribers, reached by Aspiro through its customers in Europe and USA. Aspiro sees a stable growth of usage of its mobile Internet services in general. For those services where usage frequency is measured in amount of minutes, the usage has increased by an average of 20% per month during the past six months. During December 2002, the usage in minutes was doubled compared to July 2002. Aspiro's services generated around 15 million PI* during December 2002. *PI (Page Impressions) – the total number of pages requested when using a mobile WAP service. For more information: Helena Gynnerstedt, Head Information, Aspiro AB, tel: +46 40 630 03 18, e-mail: