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Game modes: the campaign

Moenchengladbach/Germany, September 25, 2017 – During the last few weeks Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment have been very happy to reveal first gameplay features of their new management simulation game TransRoad: USA. They now return with new information on the gameplay modes of the upcoming title set to be released for PC and Mac on November 9, 2017. In TransRoad: USA ambitious future haulers can be looking forward to three such game modes: campaign, quest and sandbox.

The campaign of TransRoad: USA lets the player take on the role of an experienced trucker, who, together with friend and colleague Billy Bowman, delivers cargo across the USA in the employ of an established hauler. They are both looking forward to a long planned camping trip to the Grand Canyon that is to follow the completion of their current contract. This plan is however thwarted by none other than their own employer – both truckers are fired! After getting over the initial shock, Billy and his friend hatch an ambitious plan: they will use their expertise and found their own truck company! Luckily the two young entrepreneurs are not only able to secure a first loan, with which they buy a company site in Augusta/Maine, but there is also Billy’s very own truck and trailer, which gives them the opportunity to start tackling deliveries right from the start. First successfully completed contracts see their popularity rising with their clients and soon they are able to hire other drivers and invest in new trucks. Everything is going great, well that is, until the first official prosecution letters arrive that talk of irregularities concerning the company’s foundation and other serious accusations. Who might be behind this nasty act of sabotage?

The campaign mode of TransRoad: USA has not only an interesting story to offer to the players, but is also perfect for introducing them to the gameplay mechanics of the management simulation game, which they will also encounter in the quest and sandbox mode and which are absolutely necessary to lead their businesses to success.

More information about the quest and sandbox mode will follow soon. TransRoad: USA will be available in retail and online starting November 9, 2017.

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TransRoad: USA - Game modes: the campaign
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TransRoad: USA introduces its game modes: the campaign
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