Atlas Copco Industrial Technique to install 5G infrastructure

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 Sickla, Sweden, September 29, 2020: Atlas Copco has together with Ericsson and Telenor installed a 5G-network and completed the integration of supporting software. The installation in the integration lab in Sickla is one of the first implementations of 5G infrastructure in an industrial setting.

5G provides increased data speed, less latency and more stable connections than Wi-Fi-networks. Productivity and performance can be improved through more flexible and dependable data communication.

”Already today, more than 90% of our tools are connected to our customers’ systems, most of them through fixed couplings”, said Lars Eklöf, President Atlas Copco Motor Vehicle Industry Division. ”Due to the industry’s increased need for flexibility we also provide a large number of wireless systems connected through different technologies. The 5G network provides new possibilities in automation and smart connected systems”.

The installation is made in collaboration with Ericsson and Telenor.

Atlas Copco has been leading in the development towards tools connected to different software to collect and trace data to minimize errors, and optimize production in for example the motor vehicle industry,” said Lars Eklöf, President Atlas Copco Motor Vehicle Industry Division. “We will continue to develop products with integrated 5G-radio modules. Stable and flexible data communication will drive our work to meet the needs of our customers going forward”.

For more information please contact:

Nurgül Atayer, Global Marketing Communications Manager
Atlas Copco Motor Vehicle Industry Division
+46 8 743 5887 or +46 72 240 5887

Lars Eklöf, President Atlas Copco Motor Vehicle Industry Division
+46 703239570
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