“Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data” – Atlas Copco taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level

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Stockholm, Sweden, May 15, 2019: Atlas Copco is now taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level. Called “Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data”, it addresses the challenges faced by manufacturing companies of how best to use the data collected in their production. The concept shows how to generate value by utilizing data created by Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions at each phase of a customer's process – from design, to prototype, to assembly. Back on the road again during 2019 is the Atlas Copco Roadshow with advanced media solutions enabling visitors to visualize a smart factory.

In the past two years, Industry 4.0 has been high on the agenda of the global manufacturing industry. It is estimated that in 2006 around two billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices created data, while in 2020 the figure is projected to be around 200 billion devices. Manufacturing companies are however, facing challenges to utilize all the data they collect as they lack the operational analytics capabilities to integrate that data into their operations.

“Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data” is Atlas Copco's response to those challenges.

Major interest from industry and the media
Atlas Copco first presented Smart Connected Assembly in 2017 as its response to the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. The concept, explaining how Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions continuously collect data, has attracted major attention from industry insiders and the media.

Nicklas Tibblin, Vice President Marketing for Atlas Copco’s Motor Vehicle Industry division: “We are continuing the Smart Connected Assembly story. The first step was to show how manufacturers can implement the foundation of Industry 4.0 by utilizing smart connected assembly tools in a networked factory environment. With the statement ‘Powered by Data’ we will show how even more value can be achieved in assembly operations by using the data more actively in all steps of a company's assembly and maintenance processes.”

Steve Meazey, Vice President Marketing for Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique Service division. “In a Smart Connected Assembly, how the data is utilised to enhance the customers’ uptime and quality is key to unlocking the customers’ potential. Many companies can collect data, but through combined this with our knowledge of tightening, we can generate insights, opportunities and create values from our customers’ investments.”

“Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data” Roadshow 2019
The Smart Connected Assembly European Roadshow in 2017-18 contained 200 events welcoming 7,000 visitors for 47 weeks. This year Atlas Copco is on the road again with the updated concept. At roadshow events, media such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will make it possible for visitors to visualize a smart factory and illustrate the way data can be employed to create value.

For more information please contact:
Nurgül Atayer
Marketing and Communications Manager
Motor Vehicle Industry Division at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique
Mobile: +46 (0) 72 240 58 87
E-mail: nurgul.atayer@atlascopco.com    

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