The Tensor IxB platform by Atlas Copco revolutionizes the Smart Factory

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Stockholm, Sweden, April 14, 2021: Atlas Copco continues to evolve their Smart Connected Assembly. The Tensor IxB family is a collection of handheld, cordless tools, which share an integrated controller platform. This is the first generation of Atlas Copco tools with integrated controllers – all innovatively designed to enable future requirements of customers. With the Tensor IxB platform, customers get a tool family which is lighter, faster and smaller, yet has the same, powerful performance of cabled tools.

Atlas Copco first presented Smart Connected Assembly in 2017, as its contribution to Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. The concept, comprising of how Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions continuously collect data and create values to support our customers, has attracted major attention from industry professionals and the media. The Tensor IxB platform follows the footsteps of this digital transformation. The Tensor IxB platform is already successful in several sectors of the Manufacturing Industry, such as Automotive and Aerospace.

With the Tensor IxB platform, Atlas Copco is reinventing the assembly process. This will increase efficiency, reduce the need for hardware and equipment, as well as reduce energy consumption. It will be easier to set up new stations and rebalance existing ones.

As the functionality of the physical controller, with all its intelligence, is moved into the tool itself, it can be integrated directly to the production system. Thus, performance and efficiency is enhanced”, explains Mathieu Legars, Vice President Marketing at Atlas Copco Motor Vehicle Industry. “We are already collaborating with customers to design smart factories, and this with great success. Major car manufacturers witness a huge contribution towards increasing the flexibility of the assembly process already today.”

The Tensor IxB family comes in two main tool ranges, and a variety of tool accessories. The tools are designed to improve the ergonomics for factory operators, as well as increasing the quality of the final product.

We are continuously looking to improve our products. With the Tensor IxB platform, we ensure that industry professionals involved in for example aerospace production, are given the best experience. The wireless connectivity and light battery make it a versatile tool, which really is easy to use. Within the Tensor IxB family, we have tool heads with a rotation of a 360 angle. Therefore, parts in cramped areas can be effortlessly reached. This solves ergonomic issues and improves the results for critical tightening”, confirms Marcelo Mantovani, Vice President Marketing General Industry.

The Tensor IxB platform is part of the future in Smart Factories, and a great contribution to how employed data creates value for customers.

The Tensor IxB platform is currently introduced at a number of webinars hosted all around the world. For a short introduction, watch the Tensor IxB platform introduction on YouTube.

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