Atle acquires holdings in Aneo AB

Atle acquires holdings in Aneo AB Atle's 50%-owned venture capital fund Kompanjonfond is acquiring 17% of the shares in Aneo AB. This transaction will be effected through a SEK 14.7 m new issue. Aneo AB of Märsta, Sweden, develops and markets intravenous anaesthesia equipment; general anaesthetic equipment for intravenous administration during surgery. Aneo's technology-involving sedation and pain relief through continuous monitored drug administration-is called TIVA (total intra-venous anaesthesia). The technology has emerged in recent years alongside conventional gas anaesthesia, with development undertaken in hospital anaesthesia clinics through various ad hoc adaptations of gas anaesthesia apparatus. TIVA offers a wealth of advantages over conventional gas anaesthesia, advantages that are significantly amplified by Aneo's equipment being constructed specifically for TIVA. The advantages include less post- operative complications, an improved and safer working environment for medical staff and reduced total costs for the healthcare sector. Aneo was incorporated in 1998 by its co-founders, headed by Stefan Strömberg, who own Aneo alongside Centrecourt AB and its network. The new issue totals some SEK 25 m, of which existing owners will underwrite about SEK 10 m. Aneo's TIVA equipment is scheduled for production and sales start in late 2001. Gunnar Gredenman, of Atle Företagskapital, commented: "It's astonishing that a sedation technique can emerge and gain such widespread usage without any especially user-friendly apparatus being available. Aneo's TIVA equipment will meet a substantial need." Pehr-Johan Fager, Chief Executive of Aneo AB, responded: Developing Aneo's TIVA equipment feels very stimulating because it serves a burgeoning niche, which for a variety of reasons, has found a gap between the major players. With Atle AB as a financially solid partner, we now have a very stable foundation to continue Aneo's evolution." Stockholm, 26 April 2001 Atle AB (publ) For more information, please contact Pehr-Johan Fager, Aneo AB, tel: +46 (0)8 594 40400 Gunnar Gredenman, Atle Företagskapital, tel: +46 (0)8 506 10163 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: