Vein Clinics of America Opens New Center in Pikesville, Maryland

Pikesville, MD – May 13, 2013 – Vein Clinics of America (VCA), the largest network of physicians in the United States specializing in the minimally invasive treatment of varicose vein disease, will open a new location in Pikesville, MD on May 20, 2013. David Buckwalter, M.D., will be the practicing physician at the new office located at 1809 Reisterstown Road, Suite 146. VCA now has numerous locations across 15 states, with this being the 7th location in Maryland.

“Suffering from vein disease can significantly impact a person’s sense of well-being and I am excited to offer comprehensive treatment for this often under-recognized and frequently under-treated condition,” said Dr. Buckwalter.

Varicose vein disease is more than just a cosmetic problem. Ignoring it may result in symptoms such as pain, fatigue, itching, burning, and swelling. Vein disease is a progressive condition that may only get worse if untreated.

For more than 30 years, VCA network physicians have specialized in vein disease, including spider veins, varicose veins, facial veins, hands veins, and venous leg ulcers. VCA’s network physicians utilize a comprehensive, minimally invasive treatment approach that includes ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatment, also referred to as ELT or EVLT.

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About Vein Clinics of America

VCA operates as a division of IntegraMed America, Inc., a leader in developing, marketing and managing specialty outpatient healthcare facilities, with a current focus on the fertility and vein care markets. VCA is the leading provider of specialty vein care services in the U.S with a large network of centers across 15 states, principally in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. VCA and IntegraMed support their provider networks with clinical and business information systems, marketing and sales, facilities and operations management, finance and accounting, human resources, legal, risk management, quality assurance, and fertility treatment financing programs.

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