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  • New publication enabled by Attana technology to understand surface composition and kinetics of ion liquids at surfaces

New publication enabled by Attana technology to understand surface composition and kinetics of ion liquids at surfaces

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In a second publication in Langmuir from the group of Prof. Mark Rutland at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology Attana´s technology is further applied to understand the processes occurring at a surface in non aqueous ionic liquid solutions. This is of high importance to understand when developing new lubricants, particularly new smart lubricants addressable with electric fields – tribotronics. Additionally, Attana is interested in this research since ionic interactions are of growing importance when developing new pharmaceutical drugs.

A new understanding of the electro-response has been developed. It indicates that the ions form full monolayers which can be used to tune different surface phenomenon, such as friction and molecular adsorption. This is of major relevance when developing new lubricants that shall both minimize friction and protect surface against e.g. wear and corrosion. Importantly the results provide unique insight for the response times under electric fields, which has importance for other energy intensive applications such as batteries and capacitors.
For Attana the research of Prof Rutland is important not only for it´s direct applications into other markets such as tribology, it also provides valuable information on assays development and data analysis in drug development. Understanding the impact on ionic forces is important when designing new implants or developing new drugs. It can be used to eliminate unwanted off-target interactions as well as increase target specificity. The experiments performed has utilized Attana´s Emobilization technology, originally developed for immobilization of very negatively charged biomolecules, e.g. certain human peptides

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