Per Aniansson appointed new member of Attana's Board

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At the Annual General Meeting on Friday, May 7, Arne Nabseth, Ingemar Kihlström, Lena Jendeberg and Teodor Aastrup were reelected to Attana’s Board. Additionally, Per Aniansson was elected new Board member.

Per Aniansson, born in 1966, holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD. Per has more than 20 years of experience from Venture Capital and Private Equity investments and has been responsible for a large number of investments, fund raisings and exits, and has participated in six IPOs. During the period 2011–2019, he was responsible for medical technology investments at Fouriertransform and served on the board of the Life Science companies OssDsign and Scibase.

Per is currently Investment Director and CFO at the investment firm Karolinska Development, investing in Nordic growth stage companies within the Life Science sector.

“I am very excited to have Per on the Board. His extensive experience from investments and business development in the Life Science industry will contribute greatly and help take Attana to the next level. We look forward to begin working with Per”, says Teodor Aastrup, CEO at Attana.

For more information, please contact:

Teodor Aastrup, CEO
+46 (0)8 674 57 00

The Board of directors for Attana consider that the information in this press release is not likely to have a significant effect on the share price but is of general interest for the shareholders and hence should be communicated.

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