Release of initial Attana Virus Analytics-AVA testing protocols

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Attana has today released the initial technical protocols for AVA Antibody Testing and will make these available to all existing Attana customers.

In close collaboration with Linnaeus University Attana application specialists have been performing studies on serum samples to detect and characterize COVID-19 antibodies using the Attana Cell™ 200 system. By optimizing the testing procedures, two protocols have now successfully been established and preparations are being made for the scientific publication of corresponding technical notes.

The AVA Antibody-Testing protocols are comprised of two distinct components: (1) AVA AB Validation and (2) AVA AB Assurance.

AVA AB Validation provides laboratories the ability to validate existing antibody test results. Since existing tests have not yet been proven reliable, the goal of this protocol is to confirm positive and/or negative antibody test results and thus improve the reliability of results.

AVA AB Assurance enables laboratories to both quantify and quality test antibody presence in each serum sample by determining the active concentration of antibodies.

The benefit of the AVA Antibody-testing platform is that it not only ensures that correct antibody test results are given, but also provides insights into potential immunity and sustained immunity. By collecting data on the quantity and quality of antibodies in a serum sample and comparing these to samples taken at a later date, a full immunity profile could be established and maintained over time. Additionally, if/when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, the AVA platform can be used to determine who needs to be vaccinated and how well they respond to the vaccination.

The release of these initial protocols enables any Attana Cell 200 instrument to be employed in COVID-19 antibody testing with minor modifications and the addition of the necessary Attana consumables and reagents. The newly launched Attana Cell™ 250 system will be delivered as an optimized system for the AVA platform.

Attana continuously works to improve system performance and will update customers with optimized protocols as they become available.

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Teodor Aastrup, CEO Attana AB
tel: + 46 8 674 57 00

The Board of directors for Attana consider that the information in this press release is not likely to have a significant effect on the share price, but is of general interest for the shareholders and hence should be communicated.

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