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  • Two recently published papers mark a milestone for Attana which now has enabled 140 scientific publications

Two recently published papers mark a milestone for Attana which now has enabled 140 scientific publications

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Two new scientific publications featuring Attana’s analytical instruments have recently been published in peer reviewed journals including the highly regarded Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical as well as Plos One. The two new publications mark a milestone for Attana, which has to date enabled 140 publications.

Publication 1: Direct Attachment of suspension cells to PDA surface and its application in suspension-cell QCM biosensor

The study investigated the attachment property of suspension cells on the Mussel-inspired polydopamine (PDA) surface. The study was based upon a PDA-based suspension-cell Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) biosensor analyzed with Attana’s technique. The biosensor showed good performance for evaluation of glycosylation on the suspension cell surface and a high degree of repeatability and stability as well as low nonspecific binding to the irrelevant protein. This new strategy, developed with the help of Attana, provides a new platform for real-time and label-free analysis of the molecular interactions on suspension cell surfaces.

Publication 2: Comprehensive mutagenesis identifies the peptide repertoire of a p53 T-cell receptor mimic antibody that displays no toxicity in mice transgenic for human HLA-A*0201

The study showed that T-cell receptor mimic (TCRm) antibodies have expanded the repertoire of antigens targetable by monoclonal antibodies, to include peptides from intracellular proteins that are presented by major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) molecules on the cell surface.

The affinity of humanized T1-116C antibody variants for their targets p53RMP peptide/HLA*0201 complex was determined using Attana’s analytical instrument and the analysis was made possible by the use of Attana’s QCM technology.

Attana works closely with academic institutions and research teams worldwide to assist in new discoveries and innovation across a wide variety of research fields. More information about the 140 publications enabled by Attana can be found here.

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