AudioDev announces cost-savings programme

AudioDev, a global market-leading supplier of testing equipment for optical media, is restructuring its operations in order to adjust to the current global financial situation. Following the restructuring process, negotiations with union representatives regarding 15 jobs will be initiated immediately.

AudioDev still holds a strong belief that the BD-format will continue to show a good growth, however it is still uncertain when the growth will take off. “During the recent years we have continuously been developing our products and processes, which enable us to deliver an equal level of quality with a decreased workforce. The cost-savings programme is estimated to affect about 15 jobs. Today our global share of the market for testing equipment for optical media is more than 50 percent. Even though we still hold a strong belief that the BD-format will take off and give us a good and profitable growth, we take these measures to secure future cash flows. The impact these measures has on our staff makes the decision to begin this process very painful”, says Christer Sjöström, CEO at AudioDev. The downsizing will be made in Malmö’s operations and mainly comprise the entire organization. AudioDev has contacted union representatives and intends to begin negotiations as soon as possible. The restructuring does not change the company’s previously established strategy to make use of its technological base in interesting and expansive areas for thin film metrology (TFM) such as flat panel displays, solar cells and OLED-lightning.


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