Interim report for AudioDev AB, January 1 - September 30, 2007

• Net sales totalled SEK 91.9 (77.4) million

• Profit/loss after financial items was SEK -41.9 (-33.4) million

• Profit/loss for the period totalled SEK -30.3 (-22.8) million

• Profit/loss per share totalled SEK -1.81 (-1.36) million

• Integration costs for AudioDev GmbH totalled SEK 5.4 million

• The backlog of orders was SEK 13.9 (13.2) million at the end of the period

• AudioDev has taken strategically important orders on the blue laser side for 5 BD analyzers and for inspection and monitoring systems for thin film applications

• The cost saving program is implemented more rapidly than planned.

Note: AudioDev GmbH was consolidated in the Group from the day of acquisition and purchase on February 8 and is thereby included in the figures for 2007 from that date.

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