Marianne Sernevi appointed the new president and CEO of AudioDev

The board of AudioDev AB (publ) has appointed Marianne Sernevi as the new president and CEO of AudioDev estimated to be effective 15 June 2009. She succeeds Christer Sjöström, who has decided to leave the company for an equivalent position.

“With her wide and solid expertise in metrology, and extensive experience in international marketing, Ms Sernevi has the ideal background for moving the group forward”, says Jan Barchan, chairman of the board of AudioDev.

“AudioDev currently has a highly competitive product portfolio for the coming blue laser market, and a number of exciting collaborative projects in the pipeline for three focused and promising area for thin film: solar cells, OLED lighting and FPD. This provides a solid foundation for further growth.”

Marianne Sernevi, born in 1967, holds a master’s degree in engineering and is currently Area Manager for Optical Media at AudioDev, having previously worked with product management and sales management in the company. During her five years with the company, Sernevi has built an extensive network in the optical media industry, where her accomplishments include serving as the chair of the industry federation, Media-Tech. Before joining AudioDev, Sernevi spent 12 years in measuring and analysing agricultural products at the Foss Group, where her last appointment was as marketing manager for one of Foss’s business areas.

“During his four years with AudioDev, Christer Sjöström has performed admirably under challenging market circumstances to develop a strong management team, improve efficiency, secure the development of a highly competitive product portfolio for the coming blue laser market and establish a platform for the new thin film business area. We appreciate his achievements while we are pleased to have been able to recruit his successor from within the company,” says Jan Barchan.

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