Inverted nipples - everything you ever wanted to know

Aurora Clinics create new video series on a taboo - but common - condition

When you think about cosmetic surgery, you may think about breast enlargement. Perhaps you might think about liposuction, or facelift. 

What you probably won't think about is inverted nipple surgery.

Inverted nipples affect 1 in 10 of the population, both male and female. So the chances are, if nobody you know has inverted nipples - you may well do.

While it's true that not everyone affected will be unhappy with their nipples - and a large proportion of minor cases may not even know they have them - Aurora Clinics receive a significant number of enquiries about inverted nipple surgery.

To help answer some of the most frequently asked questions, they have created a special series of videos dedicated to inverted nipples and their treatment.

The videos are short (around the 2-minute mark), and feature surgeon Adrian Richards answering one question at a time - so anyone seeking information on inverted nipples can get quick, easy answers to the questions on their mind.

The complete series of inverted nipple videos are available to watch on the Aurora Clinics website now.

Kerry Greasley

Content Marketing Editor, Aurora Clinics

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Quick facts

Approximately 10% of people have inverted nipples
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They affect both men and women
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There are different degrees, or 'grades', of inversion
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Treatments include both non-surgical and surgical options
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