'Silent danger' of PIP implants - ruptures not always picked up in scans

New video shows ruptured PIP implant that had gone undetected by an MRI scan

Aurora Clinics continue to treat many women for removal and replacement of their PIP implants.

Some of these women have sought PIP removal as a precaution, some because they have been exhibiting symptoms of ill health, and some because they have had MRI scans showing their implants have ruptured.

But as our latest surgical footage shows (click image to view), the danger from PIPs is not always obvious - even with an MRI scan. 

The patient in the video received her PIPs at another clinic in 2005. 

After experiencing some discomfort, she decided to go for a scan, which showed no signs of rupture in either of her implants.

The patient decided to come to Aurora for implant removal and replacement anyway, partly due to the discomfort and partly for peace of mind.

During the surgery, we found the cause of her pain - a muscle which should have been released during her initial surgery was still tethered, and pulling the implants inwards. 

More surprisingly, we also found gel bleed and deflation in the right implant, and a rupture in the left implant - despite the MRI scan showing no evidence of this.

Lucky for this patient, the rupture was caught early while it was still small - which is probably the reason the MRI scan did not pick it up. 

And this is why we would urge all women who know, or suspect, they have PIP implants to remain vigilant, and keep a close eye on any changes in their health, or in the look and feel of their breasts. 

Any women who are concerned about PIPs can also stay informed by visiting our PIP implants latest news page.

Kerry Greasley

Content Marketing Editor, Aurora Clinics


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Patient had experienced discomfort in breasts
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Opted to remove and replace her PIP implants, despite MRI scan showing no evidence of rupture
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We found silicone gel bleed in the right implant, and a rupture in the left
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