Dallingers of Wallasey ‘ties the knot’ with LPG

Luxury wedding car hire firm Dallingers of Wallasey is toasting a new addition to its stylish fleet – an LPG powered Daimler saloon.

And it’s smiles all round. Newlyweds can enjoy one of the biggest days of their lives knowing they are doing their bit for the environment as independent research has shown that LPG is environmentally better than either petrol or diesel.

Meanwhile, Dallingers of Wallasey is benefitting from lower running costs as LPG is about half the price of petrol or diesel, which usually results in annual savings of up to 40 per cent in fuel costs when compared to petrol.

Indeed, the cost savings can really mount when filling up at the pump is a significant expenditure. Ian Dallinger, owner of Dallingers of Wallasey, says it cost him just £37 to fill up the 60 litre tank with LPG but that would have been £80 if it was petrol.

Not only that, performance and reliability is the same as drivers expect from a luxury petrol or diesel model, so all concerned can relax (as much as is possible) in the high pressure environment that surrounds a wedding.

Ian said: “This Daimler saloon was already converted to run on LPG when we bought it a couple of months ago but it’s been so impressive that I’m considering converting the other cars in our fleet.”

“Indeed, while the luxury cars we offer our customers are built for their elegance and finesses so that occupants can travel in the utmost comfort, they were not designed to return the best miles per gallon. This means that if we can look at saving money without comprising the experience, then all the better.”

Dallinger of Wallasey’s wedding cars are a regular sight at churches and civic receptions across the Wirral, Merseyside, Liverpool, Chester and Ellesmere Port, although its vehicles can go further afield.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas, said: “It’s great news to hear the Dallingers of Wallasey has just started a relationship with LPG, which I’m sure will be a long and happy one!

“On a more serious note, more and more businesses are discovering for themselves the benefits of driving with LPG and the sizeable fuel cost savings that are possible. There’s also the green angle which many eco-friendly companies use in their marketing material to highlight the environmental benefits of this cheaper fuel.”

For more information about the benefits of LPG visit www.autogas.ltd.uk, while to discover more about Dallingers of Wallasey, which now also includes a luxurious 8-seater Jaguar limousine which has just been converted to run on the cheaper and greener fuel, visit www.dallingersofwallasey.co.uk.


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