LPG has grand designs

Building services design engineer Chris Maloney has saved almost £8,500 on his car fuel costs since converting to LPG almost five years ago.

The staggering sum means that he’s already managed to pay for the car outright, which cost him £5,000 at the time, and so far has saved an extra £3,500 on top because he’s paying so much less every time he fills up.

Yet it’s just as well that his fuel bills have been tumbling down as his average annual mileage is in excess of 40,000 miles, well above the norm.

That’s because his job takes him anywhere in the UK south of Leeds, plus the fact that his dual-fuel 2004 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 , which he bought from Eco Cars in Leicestershire, also doubles as the family car.

The environmental benefits of LPG also sit perfectly with his job in the domestic property sector where he designs heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water services for all types of buildings – and where ‘green’ is king.

Chris, who lives in Norwich, said: “I don’t have a company car so my high mileage meant I needed a way to drastically reduce my fuel costs. After some research it became clear that buying a car that could run on LPG was the answer and I found the perfect model at Eco Cars.

“That was almost five years ago and I’ve not looked back. The car’s never missed a beat, the fuel is readily available and I’ve saved a small fortune on my fuel costs. From my own experience I would thoroughly recommend LPG to anyone doing over 20,000 miles a year like myself.”

Being dual-fuel means Chris’ Astra also runs on petrol but such are the cost savings of LPG that he reckons that for every 10,000 miles he drives, only one gallon of this is with petrol.

Yet while his job keeps Chris on the road most days, the miles also rack up at the weekend taking his county level swimming daughter to various galas and competitions across the south of England.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “It’s fantastic news to hear about the huge financial savings that Chris is making with his LPG powered Astra. Whether you use your car for business, or as a family car, or both, then converting to LPG can make a real difference to what you pay at the pump.”

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Autogas Limited is a joint venture between Shell and Calor. Established in 2000 with the sole aim of making automotive LPG more readily available to fleet and private motorists, the company now has LPG refuelling installations on more than 215 petrol forecourts throughout the UK.

Autogas Limited is an active member of UKLPG, the trade association of the LPG industry, trying to bring the message of cleaner and cheaper motoring to as many people and businesses as possible.

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