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Autoliv Develops Night Vision System (Stockholm, January 18, 2001) -- Autoliv Inc. (NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, is developing a "state-of-the-art" infrared Night Vision system. The system is currently being displayed for the first time in the Volvo Safety Concept Car at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The new system uses a unique compact camera that, due to its small dimensions, can be placed close to the driver's head without affecting normal vision. The location for the Night Vision camera is critical in that it should duplicate as closely as possible the view of the driver. The infrared camera in Autoliv's system (developed by FLIR System) detects heat from objects. The system is calibrated to be especially sensitive to the wavelength at the temperature of human beings and animals. Autoliv's technology is not depending on any light source and can therefore give a broader and longer view than headlights. This makes it possible to see not only very far but also what happens on the side of the road, like animals on their way crossing the road even before they are visible in the light from the car. It also gives the driver the possibility to see what happens in the blacked out area between two meeting cars with the high beams off, like people walking without any reflectors. The new Autoliv system will therefore enable the driver to detect traffic dangers much faster and more accurately, and it will make night driving safer and easier. For the Volvo Safety Concept Car, the camera's infrared view is displayed on a transparent screen in front of the driver. During daylight hours, the screen is stored in the instrument panel. When the driver turns on the Night Vision System, the screen automatically raises into position and the infrared view is projected on the screen - just as in modern jet fighters. Inquiries: Jan-Erik Källhammer, Project Leader Night Vision Project, Autoliv Inc., Tel +46 (708) 32 09 34 Mats Ödman, Dir. Corp. Com., Tel. +46 (8) 58 72 06 23, or mob. +46 (708) 32 09 33 Patrick Jarboe, Director Investor Relations, Tel. +1 (248) 475-0407 Illustrations: see "News" Autoliv Inc. Autoliv North America, Inc. Klarabergsviadukten 70, Sec. E 320 Pacific Drive P. O. Box 703 81, Auburn Hills, MI 48326-1569, USA SE-107 24 Stockholm, Sweden Tel +46 (8) 58 72 06 23, Tel +1 (248) 475-0407, Fax +46 (8) 24 44 79 Fax +1 (248) 475-9838 e-mail: e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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