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  • AutoStore expands its grocery offering by delivering its first automated grid with a frozen zone to StrongPoint

AutoStore expands its grocery offering by delivering its first automated grid with a frozen zone to StrongPoint

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(Nedre Vats, 24 October 2022): AutoStore Holdings Ltd. (AutoStore, OSE:AUTO) the robot technology company that invented, and continues to pioneer, cubic storage automation, has received its first order for a multi-temperature grid, now also including a frozen temperature zone. The new grocery offering enables retailers to achieve next-level warehouse efficiency and creating a better work environment for employees by decreasing exposure to cold temperatures as well as substantially decreasing energy costs.

“Managing grocery retail supply chains comes with unique challenges and demands specialized knowledge. The multi-temperature grid is one of our latest innovations, and we are excited to share this technology with our partners and customers. Our goal is to expand further within the grocery retail space,” says AutoStore CEO, Karl Johan Lier.

StrongPoint, a trusted AutoStore-partner since 2021, will install the multi-temperature grid for the Norwegian food distribution company, DLVRY, in a facility based in Sveio, Norway. The installation is set to start in the first quarter of 2023.

“This is a proud day for StrongPoint as we have the honour to design and install the world’s first fully integrated AutoStore-system that can handle all three temperature zones needed for grocery retail. We look forward to leveraging our 35+ years’ collective experience to create a solution that is purpose-built for food distribution at the highest possible levels of efficiency,” says StrongPoint CEO, Jacob Tveraabak.

The multi-temperature grid includes three temperature zones: ambient, chilled and frozen. The purpose behind the advanced technology is to meet increasing frozen food demands and enabling grocery retailers who are automating their e-grocery fulfilment services to replace their manual picking of frozen items.

Backed by the latest AutoStore technology, the multi-temperature grid can be installed in multiple discrete temperature zones ranging down to sub-zero temperature (-25 °C / -13 °F) and allows both fresh and frozen goods to be picked from the chilled-temperature zone (2 °C / 35.6 °F). The technology will create safer work conditions, as operators can stay outside the frozen environment when working.

About AutoStore

AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robot technology company that invented, and continues to pioneer, cube storage automation - the densest product/inventory storage solution in existence. The company's focus is to marry software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of warehousing. AutoStore is global, with more than 950 systems installed in +45 countries over a wide range of industries. All sales are designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators - which AutoStore calls 'partners'. The company headquarters is in Nedre Vats, Norway, with offices in Oslo (Norway), the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Learn more at www.autostoresystem.com

About StrongPoint

StrongPoint is a grocery retail technology company that provides solutions to make shops smarter, shopping experiences better and online grocery shopping more efficient. With over 500 employees in Norway, Sweden, the Baltics, Spain, the UK and Ireland and together with a wide partner network, StrongPoint supports grocery and retail businesses in more than 20 countries. StrongPoint provides in-store cash management and payment solutions, electronic shelf labels, self-checkouts, task and labor management software, click & collect temperature-controlled grocery lockers, in-store and drive-thru grocery pickup solutions and, grocery order picking solutions, both manual and automated. StrongPoint is headquartered in Norway and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a revenue of ˜1bn NOK [ticker: STRO]. Learn more at www.strongpoint.com

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