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Effortless. Practical. Lazy. In our perpetual search for more convenience, digitalisation had yielded a world of e-this and e-that. Undoubtedly such inventions do make our lives easier. Take mobile signing, for instance.

Long gone is the circus of printing, mailing by post, scribbling illegible autographs, scanning and then perhaps emailing, in contract management. Mobile signing – eSigning that works on your phone – has removed wasted time and hassle. We already use biometrics, voice recognition and Facebook authentication for online transaction, but it’s not always necessary. Such user experience does not reflect the convenience that mobile transactions are supposed to bring.

The future of mobile signing is marked by the removal of unnecessary complexity of overly engineered security features and authentication methods. Forget complicated passwords and biometrics.

Just take a video.

Mobile signing that is based on a video clip, which proves the signer is who they say they are and records their intentions to commit, is easily understandable evidence that does not require complexities. In a case of dispute, one might turn to the security camera to prove that one signed a contract. Now that security camera is on your phone. Why make things more complicated than they have to be?

This year’s Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona. One participating company takes mobile-first to the signing arena; Avaintec will premier its SelfieSign service, which takes eCommitments closer to the future.

With SelfieSign you record a two-second video exactly when you are signing, using existing technology within your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The video is stored by SelfieSign in the cloud, so that all the parties of this agreement can verify the signer. The encrypted audit trail of this event is then stored into a public blockchain. The audit trail contains a hash of the video, a server signed document and timestamp. There can, therefore, be no contest.

If you’re in Barcelona at the end of February, come and check out the future convenience of mobile signing!

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Jere Vento
COO, Head of Marketing


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