No More System Failures Thanks to SPM: Module Anticipates System State and Wear

Aventics presents Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) at drinktec 2017

With the new Smart Pneumatics Monitor module from Aventics, end users are provided with reliable information on the state of wear as well as valuable information on the energy efficiency of pneumatic systems – without the need to involve the machine control. SPM sends pre-processed status messages to specific employees and parent IT systems. This information reduces the risk of machine downtime and lowers operating costs over the long term.

Laatzen (Germany), August 1, 2017 – It’s a simple question: “What does machine downtime cost the company? And how important is it to me to significantly reduce the probability of such an event?” asks Wolf Gerecke, Director Strategic Product Management at Aventics. Aventics makes it easy to answer this question and has developed a product that detects and reports wear on pneumatic systems before it can result in a failure. The pneumatic specialists will present their Smart Pneumatics Monitor at the drinktec 2017 trade fair in Munich.

Recording operating data with existing sensor technology
The major advantage is that the SPM uses already available sensor signals, processes them at a decentralized location, and uses this data to derive reliable information on the machine’s state. This does not put a load on the machine control nor does it require high bandwidths to send great volumes of data to a server. Gerecke explains an example: “Shock absorbers are one of the most frequent causes for unplanned downtime. To monitor the wear of a shock absorber, the SPM breaks down the end switch signals to evaluate the cushioning sequence. Based on changes in the cycle time for a cylinder’s stroke in the millisecond range, the system can detect when the efficiency of the shock absorber is reduced over its service life.”

On request, the module not only monitors the degree of wear but also the current energy consumption. Users can take measures for optimization early on and thereby meet the requirements set out in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. Since last year, all companies with 250 employees and more must complete an energy audit and furnish proof of a certified energy management system to ISO 50001 or an environmental management system to EMAS.

Algorithms analyze the data
Algorithms written by Aventics based on the company’s application experience analyze this data internally and make the information gained available. This generally takes place via the integrated OPC-UA server, though other communication methods such as MQTT or cloud connectors are also possible. Pre-defined recipients can also be informed directly by e-mail or text message.

Condition monitoring, the collection of operating states and their prediction as the basis for anticipatory maintenance concepts, offers direct advantages for customers using IoT applications. Because they can anticipate wear before it leads to machine downtimes, they allow machine manufacturers and users to significantly increase the availability of their equipment. “Anyone can calculate the value of the SPM themselves by comparing the costs for the SPM with one day of unplanned system failure,” explains Wolf Gerecke.

From September 11 to 15, 2017, Aventics will present the Smart Pneumatics Monitor at drinktec 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for drink and liquid food technology. The pneumatics specialists can be found in hall A3, stand 327.

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