Avnet Memec launches ‘Lighthouse’ Demo Kit

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Kit allows quick evaluation of criteria for networked controlled lighting

Poing, Germany, 22 May 2013 – Avnet Memec, an Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT) company, a leading global technology distributor, announced today the availability of its new demo kit ‘Lighthouse’. The demo kit is based on the highly integrated Renesas LED Lighting controller and the proven Power Line Communication technology from Echelon. This powerful combination makes it an ideal platform for a quick evaluation of all relevant criteria for networked controlled lighting. It targets applications like indoor lighting, entertainment, retail display, emergency lighting as well as outdoor and architectural lighting.

The system shows, very effectively, how to control LED Lighting via Power Line communication. The Lighthouse demo kit is a lowest power solution offering interoperable self-installation (ISI) and includes all the software required for control and communication which reduces development time significantly.

This board is mounted with Renesas’ RL78/I1A microcontroller with on-chip high-precision LED lighting control functions, so it can be used as a reference platform for RL78/I1A system development. RL78/I1A Group microcontrollers employ the RL78 core which realizes high processing performance while delivering the lowest power consumption in their class, and realize LED control, power supply control, and communication functions on a single chip.

Echelon has developed and deployed the world’s most proven and reliable PLC systems. Using a minimal number of devices for repeating, the system computes the most efficient path for each packet to reach its final destination. This is a critical enabler for control applications in a building. Echelon’s power line products implement open ANSI, IEC, ISO, ETSI and SAC standards for power line communications and control available from multiple sources around the world. Standards-based technology protects customers from being locked into a single supplier. The power line smart transceivers have all functions integrated on a single chip for time- and cost-effective solutions for delivering control-networking capabilities over power lines.

For further information about the Lighthouse demo kit visit the Avnet Memec website.

About Avnet Memec

Avnet Memec, a business unit of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, is a highly specialised semiconductor distributor, operating on a pan-European basis and employing a significant number of engineers to support customers’ design efforts. Avnet Memec specialises in highly innovative suppliers and technologies, which will help a variety of customers to differentiate their designs. Its area of specialisation extends from Analog and Microcontrollers to RF, Datacom and Networking. The business unit operates out of 31 offices in 19 European countries and represents major semiconductor franchises on a pan-European basis. www.avnet-memec.eu

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