Axfood Närlivs AB acquires Reitan Servicehandel Sverige AB's cold storage distribution centre in Kungens kurva

Axfood Närlivs AB is acquiring Reitan Servicehandel Sverige AB's cold storage distribution centre in Kungens kurva, Stockholm. Axfood Närlivs AB will take over the operation on 1 October 2010.

In connection with the acquisition, a new, five-year supplier agreement has also been signed between Axfood Närlivs AB and Reitan Servicehandel Sverige AB. The new agreement takes effect on 1 January 2011.

"The acquisition of this distribution centre creates good opportunities for Axfood Närlivs AB to strengthen and develop its position as a wholesaler of fast food and ready-made meal solutions, which are rapidly growing market segments," says Nicholas Pettersson, President of Axfood Närlivs AB.

Magnus Carlsson, President of Reitan Servicehandel AB comments: "During the last ten years our cold storage distribution centre has played a key role for us in developing fast food concepts in our stores. We have now arrived at a juncture in which the market has grown so much that Axfood is better-suited to develop the business than we are. This will allow us to maintain continued focus on our core business – the stores."

For further information, please contact:
Nicholas Pettersson, President, Axfood Närlivs AB, +46-702-61 28 72
Magnus Carlsson, President, Reitan Servicehandel AB, +46-8-587 490 00

Axfood AB conducts food retail and wholesale business in Sweden. Retail business is conducted through the wholly owned store chains Willys, Hemköp and PrisXtra, comprising 225 stores in all. In addition, Axfood collaborates with a number of proprietor-run stores that are tied to Axfood through agreements. These include stores within the Hemköp and Willys chains as well as stores run under the Handlar’n and Tempo profiles. In all, Axfood collaborates with approximately 840 proprietor-run stores. Wholesaling is conducted through Dagab and Axfood Närlivs. Axfood is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB's Large Cap list. Axel Johnson AB is the principal owner, with approximately 46% of the shares.

Reitan Servicehandel Sverige AB is the franchiser of the Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven retail concepts since 2004 and conducts business today through some 515 stores. During the last four years, Reitan Servicehandel has had enormous success in the Swedish market. Under an agreement with Shell, Reitan Servicehandel operates 115 service stations under two of the world's strongest brands – Shell and 7-Eleven. Reitan Servicehandel Sverige AB is owned by the Norwegian company Reitangruppen AS, which is active in food retailing, convenience store retailing and distribution in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Latvia. Product sales for Reitangruppen AB totalled nearly SEK 70 billion in 2009. For more information, visit:, och


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