Axfood's sales January-June 2002

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Consolidated net sales (excluding VAT) for the month of June totalled SEK 2,728 m (2,761), a decrease of 1.2% compared with the same period a year ago.

Net sales for the period January-June 2002 totalled SEK 16,197 m
(15,738), an increase of 2.9%. For stores owned by the Group, the
increase was 10.4% in Sweden, of which same stores accounted for 3.4%.
Of total sales, the Swedish operations accounted for SEK 13,449 m (12,
978) and Spar Finland for SEK 2,748 m (2,760).

Hemköp´s sales fell by 2.4%. The decrease for same stores was 2.6%.
Willys grew its sales by 24.5%, of which same stores accounted for 8.7
percentage points.
Willys Hemma grew its sales by 3.6%. The decrease for same stores was
Spar Finland´s sales fell by 0.4% and in local currency a decrease by
1.5%. For comparable stores owned by the Group the decrease was 1.5%.

Sales per business operation are broken down as follows:

Jan-June Jan-June 2002 2001 Change SEK m. SEK m. %Hemköp 3,132 3,210 -2.4Willy's 3,963 3,184 24.5%Willy's 512 494 3.6%HemmaSpar 2,748 2,760 -0.4%FinlandDagab 8,598 7,057 21.8%Axfood 2,301 2,210 4.1%NärlivsOther1) 1,009 1,142 -11.6%Internal -6,066 -4,319 40.4%sales 2)Total 16,197 15,738 2.9%

1) Includes Axfood Direkt, Axfood Franchise, support companies and joint-
Group functions.
2) Of which Dagab SEK 5.362 m (3.790) Accumulated internal sales
for the period January-May have been adjusted by SEK -40 m

Preliminary sales figures will be presented on the following dates:
August 5th September
September 23rd October (Quarterly report)
October 6th November
November 5th December


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