Axis and Honeywell deliver IP-Surveillance to Western Australia Public Transport Authority

Axis Communications has received an order from Honeywell Ltd to supply network video technology as part of a high profile installation in Perth, Australia. In the first phase of the project, Axis will deliver about 800 video servers that will serve as part of an integrated security surveillance system for the expanding urban rail network in the region.

The partnership between Axis and Honeywell continues to prove successful; together the two companies have delivered enterprise security and surveillance solutions to a large number of high profile customers around the world. The video servers delivered to Honeywell within this agreement are to be used in a tailor-made security surveillance system, manufactured and designed by Honeywell, that will ensure an adequate level of safety for Transperth train passengers. The security initiative, called TrainSafe, includes on-train cameras to record activities in each carriage, platform video surveillance, emergency call buttons on trains and platforms as well as improved lighting at stations. In the first phase, cameras across the train network will feed 24-hour live video to a monitoring room, based at a central, secure location. By the end of 2006, about 1200 cameras will feed into the system. Planning and Infrastructure Minister of the Gallop Government, Alannah MacTiernan commented on the project: "What we are introducing is a top-of-the-range, closed circuit television (CCTV) and alarm system which will be monitored from a central point and incidents responded to immediately. This sophisticated surveillance will reduce the incidence of crime and vandalism by deterring criminals and by helping Public Transport Authority security staff identify and track offenders. It will help in the prosecution and conviction of offenders by providing video and still images of sufficient quality to be tendered in court as evidence. A world-class urban rail system requires a world-class security system." Honeywell joined Axis' Application Development Partner (ADP) program in 2001 and offers a broad range of security and surveillance solutions based on Axis' network video technology. Axis and Honeywell remain major global partners in providing networked CCTV based security solutions with Honeywell's Digital Video Manager serving as a critical part of an integrated Axis streaming video solution. TrainSafe in Perth is the most recent example of world-class security solutions utilizing technologies from that partnership.

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