Axis delivers network video products to Mexico's largest electricity provider

Axis Communications today announced that the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Mexico's largest provider of electrical energy, has chosen Axis network video products to increase security at five CFE campuses in a deal valued at about 120,000 Euros. Corporacion Unisol, a Mexico-based Axis partner, is managing the installation of the Axis network cameras and application software at CFE's facilities.

CFE's new IP-based surveillance system enables the company to monitor and record video images in real-time over the network. The network cameras are placed in and around parking lots, warehouses and other company buildings to increase the security of company property. CFE is already reporting a reduction in theft upon the completion of the first site's installation. "We found that Axis' IP-based system was the best way to comprehensively secure multiple facilities around the clock," said Guillermo Flores for CFE. "Our new system has already begun to pay for itself through a decrease in theft, and we are confident that all CFE campuses will benefit from the use of IP-Surveillance." CFE is utilizing the network cameras' built-in motion detection capabilities, which notify CFE when an irregular event occurs. Axis' application software gives CFE the ability to monitor and record live video, and manage instances where motion is detected. A portion of the network cameras CFE chose to implement are network cameras that support Power over LAN (local area network), which enable the company to control costs by powering the camera through the network. Power over LAN products also ensure ease of installation, as they allow the user to install the network cameras in areas where traditional power outlets and cabling are unavailable.

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