Axis enters technology partnerships for broadband, Bluetooth and mobile positioning

Axis Communications presents three technology partnerships in which Axis' technology platform is being sold for use in safety and security services via broadband, in industrial applications based on Bluetooth, and for mobile positioning. The customers are Trygghetsbolaget, Free2move and Translogic Consulting & Service. Axis is supplying Trygghetsbolaget with electronics and software for the company's intelligent network devices, which register alarms from broadband-connected homes. Trygghetsbolaget's services will be available on the market during the spring. The focus is on apartment owners with a broadband connection and on landlords wanting to offer safer and more attractive apartments for the tenants. "Axis' integrated ETRAX 100 LX chip is very flexible and supports many types of connections that will allow us to efficiently implement intelligent alarm monitors," says Lars Hansson, president of Trygghetsbolaget. The Axis ETRAX 100 LX Linux platform will be used by Free2move of Halmstad, Sweden, in designing optimized Bluetooth products for industrial applications. "The Axis platform enables us to develop competitive new products. The processor is power-efficient and supports compact designs based on a powerful operating system in the form of Linux," says Per-Arne Wiberg, president of Free2move. Translogic Consulting & Service is developing a complete system for the distribution of advanced logistics information for the global transport industry, primarily in Europe. The company has chosen the Axis technical platform with ETRAX 100 for implementing the mobile portions of its system. Axis has implemented parts of the system in its Linux software, while Axis' subsidiary Netch has developed other central components of the system based on Translogic's specifications. The system components developed by Axis relate to identifying loads and load carriers using transponder systems, positioning via GPS, and e-mail communication over GSM and Ethernet. These components will be produced and delivered by Axis. "With all the integrated functions in ETRAX 100 and its powerful yet power-efficient processor, ETRAX 100 is the perfect platform for our product," says Stefan Järlhem, managing director at Translogic. Axis' technology division, established in May of this year, is focused on promoting the Axis development platform with Linux among external customers. The division provides a website for developers at where software is available for download free of charge and developers can order a development platform that supports rapid development of prototypes. The technology division also supplies reference platforms for the advanced ETRAX 100 processor and the newly released ETRAX 100 LX. Customers currentlyusing or evaluating the Axis platform are working with applications in a variety of industries. These range from industrial applications to home networks and include both networked and wireless applications employing Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11b and wireless LAN communications.

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