Axis network cameras are being installed in US schools

Axis Communications today announced that the Chippewa Valley School District in Michigan is using Axis network cameras to increase public school security in a cost-effective manner. More than 600 network cameras and video encoders are being installed in the district’s high schools and ninth grade centers during spring 2009.

Located in the suburban Detroit area, Chippewa Valley is the state’s 10th largest school district (out of more than 500), serving 15,000 students. Chippewa Valley first sought out a video solution in order to provide good security measures with a reduced need for staffing. The school district sought out a network video solution (vs. analog) because of superior image quality, centralized storage and management, integration into the district’s active directory and web integration.

Like most school districts, Chippewa Valley is highly sensitive to theft, vandalism, violence and bullying. Its goal is to protect people and property. Until now, the school district has had to rely on hall monitors and security guards to be physically present during school hours and periods of heavy building use, such as concerts and athletics.

“Many schools share Chippewa Valley’s concern for the security of children and for several years we have seen an increasing interest in installations of network video products at schools and universities. While the schools often have the infrastructure in place, a cost-efficient installation of network cameras with superior image quality can easily be done, says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications.”

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