Axis network processor in future printers from MINOLTA-QMS

Axis Communications' latest processor chip for network connections will be built into future laser printers from MINOLTA-QMS. This is the latest example of Axis' growth in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) area.

MINOLTA-QMS recently selected Axis' latest single-chip processor, the ETRAX 100LX, to integrate into future laser printer offerings. This is Axis' sixth generation of the ETRAX family, which is built into more than a million products throughout the world, in addition to Axis' proprietary products. "We have had fruitful cooperation with Axis for seven years and have benefited from Axis' development of new processors. It was natural for us to select the ETRAX 100LX for our current printers. We have incorporated the ETRAX 100XL into a number of printer models, making it a core component in our product networking," says Steve Fletcher, president of the Americas for MINOLTA-QMS. For Axis, OEM business has increased in importance. These transactions involve the integration of Axis' technology solutions into the products of other manufacturers. During the first six months of 2001, OEM represented slightly less than 20 percent of Axis' sales. Compared with the year-earlier period, OEM sales have nearly doubled. Axis can see a clear trend, in which increasing numbers of electronic products will be connected to networks. For further information, please contact: Johan Lembre, General Manager, Axis Communications Phone: +46 46-272 19 17, E-mail: Anne Rhenman, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Axis Communications Phone: + 46 708-90 18 29, E-mail: For further information about MINOLTA-QMS, please contact: Leo Derkowski, President, Marketing Communications Connection, Inc. Phone: + 1-518-477-2575, E-mail:

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