Axis video servers for Securitas' new monitoring concept in shops

Axis Communications has signed a framework agreement with Securitas in Scandinavia for the supply of network-based video servers for Securitas' visual alarm solutions. Securitas' first product within the area is called Trygg Butik (Safe Shop) and is aimed at making it possible for shop staff to inform the emergency center before a crime is committed.

Shop staff can request Securitas' attention by activating a monitoring camera when a situation feels threatening before anything serious happens. From its emergency center, Securitas can monitor the situation and take suitable action without the shop activating any alarms, apart from the camera. Securitas intends to extend this concept of visual decision-making support for use with other applications. "As the world's largest security company, we are naturally very interested in maintaining a high quality for our services. This is why we conducted a detailed evaluation before selecting a supplier. Axis was the only company that met the high quality demands for network-connected video technology," says Anders Friborn, Marketing Manager, Securitas Larmcentral, Sweden. The solution is based entirely on digital technology and requires shops to have an Internet connection via broadband or ISDN. Securitas' Trygg Butik is a completely new concept, which the company is starting to market to Securitas' thousands of existing shop customers and new users. Securitas currently has emergency centers in five locations, with a total of about 48,000 alarms connected in Sweden alone. More information about Securitas Trygg Butik is available at: About Axis The Axis Communications Group, with the parent company Axis AB is a leader in network connectivity and emerging wireless Internet-based services. The company is at the forefront of developing network appliance solutions that enable people and organizations to get easy and immediate access to devices and services. Axis is one of the global leaders in several key thin server and network device markets, such as printer, storage and video connectivity, and is doing pioneering work in the rapidly expanding markets of wireless and mobile communications. Founded in 1984, Axisemploys 340 people worldwide. Axis is headquartered in Lund, Sweden and has a total of 20 offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Axis is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Information about Axis can be found at For further information, please contact: Anders Laurin, General Manager, Camera Division Axis Communications Phone: +46 46-272 20 07, E-mail: Anne Rhenman, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Axis Communications Phone: + 46 708-90 18 29, E-mail:

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