Axolot Solutions – Commercial update

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In addition to the recently announced order for a commercial AxoPur® unit, lots of things happen in the company.

After a few months impacted by Covid-19, the commercial activity level is on the rise again as the industry is opening up for visitors. Axolot managed to maintain a reasonably high activity level during the second quarter, not least thanks to already established customer relations. New discussions and co-operations were far more complicated, which is normal since we offer a new, innovative technology where we by experience know that the best way to convince potential customers is to physically show how the AxoPur technology is working.

Currently, we see a gradual normalization, where more and more companies open up for visits, at the same time as there is an adaptation to new circumstances where companies agree to co-operate at distance and for example to send water samples, for trials at the Axolot premises in Landvetter and Esbo.

A great number of interesting trials and co-operation activities still went on during the summer, which thus - among others - resulted in the first order for a commercial AxoPur unit. Furthermore, a trial run at a producer of biofuels, applying AxoPur and AxoPlus™ was planned to be performed in February, but due to Covid-19 it was postponed until August and has now finally been completed. In Finland, a number of longterm trials are ongoing within the fields of purification of leachate from biowaste and process waters from recovery of textiles.

During August, trial runs have been performed on cage farming of fish, in cooperation with among others the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweco and Vattudalens fisk in Ströms Vattudal, Jämtland. These initial trials are carried out aiming to find a way to farm the fish in a cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly manner. It also aims at producing an organic fertilizer. If successful, the trials will lead the way to a bigger project during 2021.

A similar development project was performed in Finland, supported by the Finnish agricultural authority and NTM, 2019-2020. Purification of pig manure was examined more thoroughly, from a chemical as well as an economical perspective. The aim is to reduce transportation and handling costs of the slurry, by separating the nutrients to the floc and purifying the wastewater on site. The project finished at the end of August and we now have discussions with a potential customer, in order to run trials on similar waters.

Furthermore, Axolot participates in a project together with the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and HAMK University of Applied Sciences. In the project, the floc deriving from the AxoPur water purification process is examined with regards to its characteristics and its possible fields of utilization. The project has started with purifying wastewaters from fish farming, where the target is to find use for the floc in addition to purifying the water to specifications for reuse in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). Onwards, also flocs from other wastewaters will be evaluated similarly, e.g. with regards to their potential end use as nutrient for plants or algae production, or even raw material in cosmetics, to name a few.

Apart from these activities, there are continuous marketing activities in Sweden and Finland, and planification of further trial runs – the first important step towards the next commercial project.

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About Axolot Solutions

Axolot Solutions is a Swedish environmental technology company, providing systems for industrial water purification. The company offers a holistic solution based upon a proprietary technology within electro-coagulation and flotation. Axolot's water purification concept is cost efficient and enables recirculation of the water. This leads to a reduced environmental footprint.

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