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Progress in challenging times

The interest in water related issues is on the way to rise for real, not only in Sweden but also globally. It has of course been evident for many years that water is an ever more restricted and critical resource, in addition to a precondition for all life on earth. In spite of this we have continued our mismanagement and our depletion of this limited resource. The situation becomes steadily more critical, and the development is accelerating in negative direction boosted by the climate change. Although it takes longer than we may wish, water management is now becoming a more prioritized issue and a general acceptance is beginning to spread for actions to safeguard the access to clean water, locally as well as globally.

The first commercial AxoPur U2x2M system – for which the sale was already communicated previously in a press release - was recently successfully started up at Colombier Barrier Coatings site in Pyttis, Finland. The new compact system replaces a previously rented system.

Axolot continues to have a high level of activity in terms of test runs, both in Sweden and Finland. In addition to the test runs communicated in preceding press releases, preliminary screening tests using the proprietary AxoPur® technology have also been performed for a subcontractor to mechanical industries, for a company in the automotive industry and also for a landfill owner. Successful preliminary screening tests typically lead to a test run, which then forms the basis for commercial offers.

The NTM (regional Finnish authority) supported development project relating to purification of pig manure slurry has been finalized and reported. The nutrients in the slurry were recovered in a compact and relatively dry form. Compared to the slurry as such the separated nutrients then economically enable use as fertilizer over longer distances. Know-how obtained in this project has turned out to be beneficial in the later contacts with the biogas industry in Finland, where so far three test runs have been performed.

Tests aiming at evaluating the performance of AxoPur are also upcoming concerning the removal of persistent so called PFAS compounds (per and polyfluorinated alkylic substances). These tests are performed in co-operation with a research institute in Sweden.

As the end of the corona pandemic is visible at the horizon, the sales focus of the company is onwards fortified by the recruitment of a Sales manager, Petra Rydergård, to lead the sales activities in the Scandinavian countries. Petra has a very relevant background, for example from the recycling industry, for the position and will strengthen the team considerably. She began her work on March 15th.

Axolot sees a steadily increasing interest in its products and have active dialogues with more potential customers than we have ever had before, in spite of the limitations the Covid pandemic imposes. Given that the technology is new we ideally want to visit customers for test runs and here the corona pandemic is still a constraint. In spite of that, we still have good hopes on closing deals already during the first half of the year.

To summarize: The company is on track and prepares to be well positioned as society opens up again and allows more targeted sales activity and more on-site work.

Martin Ragnar
President and CEO, Axolot Solutions

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Martin Ragnar, President and CEO Axolot Solutions, tel: +46 70 817 11 16, mail:

About Axolot Solutions

Axolot Solutions is a Swedish environmental technology company, providing systems for industrial water purification. The company offers a holistic solution based upon a proprietary technology within electro-coagulation and flotation. Axolot's water purification concept is cost efficient and enables recirculation of the water. This leads to a reduced environmental footprint. Axolot Solutions also has business activities in Finland, through its affiliated company Axolot Solutions Finland Oy. More information about the Company and its business activities can be found at

Axolot Solutions Holding AB is based in Helsingborg, Sweden, and its shares (ticker: Axolot) are listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm, since November 21, 2018. FNCA Sweden AB is the Certified Adviser of Axolot Solutions. FNCA Sweden AB can be reached at and on tel +46 8 528 003 99.