Clean water - an environmental issue on the rise

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Axolot Solutions - Commercial update

With its concept for industrial water purification, Axolot Solutions is acting not only on the technical and commercial arena. The issue of access to sufficient quantities of clean water also has a very clear political dimension. In fact, water is a common denominator for all the 17 global goals for a sustainable development, which the United Nations’ General Assembly has adopted, with a vision towards 2030. Bearing that in mind, it is rather surprising how little of the public debate that really relates to water, as is also the lack of sufficient efforts to define challenges and measures within this area. In Finland, Axolot shall during the coming weeks engage in some political events in order to discuss the water issue and its concerns.

A group of contaminants long neglected is the so called PFAS substances. There are 5 000 different substances which are usually referred to as unreactive in general and at the same time very long-living organic substances. Some of these have for example been used in fire-fighting foam, which means that they can be found nearly all over the globe and in all types of water. PFAS is perhaps most highlighted as a challenge in relation to places previously used for fire drilling. Axolot has recently – together with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and airport owner Swedavia - applied for a grant from Vinnova, in a joint development project related to purification of PFAS substances.

Axolot has a perennial cooperation agreement with KCL – the Finnish paper and pulp industry’s central laboratory, outside of Helsinki – where the successful trials for purification of waste waters from paper coating continue. The trials are carried out with a pilot equipment, where many types of sludge and wash waters are tested in small batches, meaning that the purification challenges for Axolot with its AxoPur® technology become very diverse. “Despite the variations in incoming water, we have managed to make a continuous process for water purification and we have obtained a really great proof of the robustness of our technology”, says Sirkku Rönkä, Managing Director of Axolot Solutions in Finland.

At the same time, the active market penetration continues in Sweden and Finland. Test runs are ongoing at several places and new trials are being planned at recently added customers. The delivery of Axolot’s first commercial AxoPur system is being prepared, and the model program is in the finalization process regarding the semi-automation - all in accordance with preceding press releases.

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About Axolot Solutions

Axolot Solutions is a Swedish environmental technology company, providing systems for industrial water purification. The company offers a holistic solution based upon a proprietary technology within electro-coagulation and flotation. Axolot's water purification concept is cost efficient and enables recirculation of the water. This leads to a reduced environmental footprint.

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Axolot Solutions Holding AB is based in Helsingborg, Sweden, and its shares (ticker: Axolot) are listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm, since November 21, 2018. FNCA Sweden AB is the Certified Adviser of Axolot Solutions. FNCA Sweden AB can be reached at and on tel +46 8 528 003 99.


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